Saturday, July 12, 2014

My newest hobby!

Hello blog! It's been a LONG time!

Last I left off, I was incredibly demoralized with bike racing. I had an awful race at Cherry Roubaix, battled injury after injury, and didn't feel good again until September or October. In October, my best ride was a solo 50 mile ride where I averaged 23 mph (ok, it was like 22.7mph but I round up)! Fittest I've ever been on the bike, too bad it was the wrong time of year to take advantage of my speed. Then, in November, I had to hang up the bike to have our first child. Behold:



My very objective opinion is that this little nugget is the greatest kid ever. And so, for 7 months after little nug was born, I tried to be the best father and husband I could be while transitioning to a new job at the same time.

The kid really is awesome. She usually sleeps well, happy most of the time, loves to eat, loves taking her bath, has gotten better about her naps, etc. So, as a result, my wife started encouraging me to work out and go riding again a couple months ago.

The problem, of course, was that I did not want to workout. See...after you've spent 7 months using any down time to catch up on rest, watch Netflix/HGTV (addicted to those house hunter type shows), and eat every Twinkie, Cheetos, and Burger King Whopper in site...well, you really don't want to give that up.

So I didn't. And I also didn't acknowledge my growing waistline. I didn't acknowledge how winded I got doing simple things such as going up a fight of stairs, shoveling snow, carrying the baby around, or rearranging the pillow underneath my head in bed. I conveniently failed to acknowledge how many calories I was taking in daily (3000) or the source of those calories (candy and fast food).

Things like that are easy to ignore until someone points it out to you.

"You're becoming a fatass..."

My wife. She may deny having said it, and I may be paraphrasing, and I may be fabricating. But the message was as clear as my growing muffin top. I was getting fat.

A few weeks ago, I started riding again. Not a lot. Twice a week. 20 miles per ride. First time really riding in 7+ months. And it was! It was!!!!!! Soul crushing. Truly depressing. I had lost every ounce of riding ability I ever may have had.

And I will tell the tale of my sorrowful riding soon. But before I get back to blogging about my riding, I'm going to share some posts about my most recent hobby.

For me, it's always something. For the past several years, it's been collecting and riding high end bikes. Before that, I went through a phase building and driving high end RC Cars, collecting vintage/analog cameras, buying Shinola watches for my wife and myself, etc. It's always something; something that's expensive and totally stupid.

So what's my latest hobby? Jeans. Yup. Jeans...the most ubiquitous type of pants in the universe. But not just any jeans. Nooooooooo. Too boring. Instead, I stumbled upon the world of raw denim jeans.

I've started wearing them exclusively. And I'll tell you about how it all started tomorrow! There's drama, suspense, action, or none of that! So tune in again! :)